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Victorin RIPERT, 22 years,1st year in animation school EMCA ( Angouleme, France )
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666 posts, at last !

A fake cover of a fake comic to celebrate.


Victorin Ripert

childhood muscles

Spitpainting  - Underground Tribe - 30 mn

Made this today all rusty, still not working on my film. haha …

I’ll may come back with illustration soon for a cool project of a cool tumblr user.

cheers !

Hi !

I’m slowely udapting my society account, i take request if you have some =)

There is now T-shirt ! not so many but i’ll update it with exclusive drawings/ graphic design oriented illustration. And you can now print that yellow illustration almost at the same size as the original.

Cheers =)

last daily spitpaint

flower god

red hat

waiting by the shore

Daily spitpaint - the organist

Gouache, photo references ( helps a lot with those muddy fur/tones, learned a lot )

always loved Brachiosaurus

have you read the abarat series? They're my favorite books


F.. yeah. Changed my world.  

Some poets , after the classy watercolors update from alexandre zedig diboine.

EDIT:  oh , thanks to all my tumblr followers who vote for my image ( disney art challenge ) really, thank you guys. Disney had some problem to run a proper vote ( cookie bug, haha ) so they organized a second vote , with 250 people. News on the 5th of september. cheers ! 

Hi guys !

Few weeks ago I took part in the Disney Art Challenge organised by Disney France. At the end we were 17 laureates and now there is one last reward to win, thanks to you and your votes.

You can vote everyday, it’s super quick and without any subscription !

My picture is ” la pecheuse d’aube”

PS : I don’t have internet for a month so feel free to share, reblog, follow…

Thanks a lot dudes !

One of my classmate , Jon Boutin the Basque made a short film recently ( again ). Check his channel !

Especially “Aporie” , >