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Victorin RIPERT, 22 years,1st year in animation school EMCA ( Angouleme, France )
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Some poets , after the classy watercolors update from alexandre zedig diboine.

EDIT:  oh , thanks to all my tumblr followers who vote for my image ( disney art challenge ) really, thank you guys. Disney had some problem to run a proper vote ( cookie bug, haha ) so they organized a second vote , with 250 people. News on the 5th of september. cheers ! 

Hi guys !

Few weeks ago I took part in the Disney Art Challenge organised by Disney France. At the end we were 17 laureates and now there is one last reward to win, thanks to you and your votes.

You can vote everyday, it’s super quick and without any subscription !

My picture is ” la pecheuse d’aube”

PS : I don’t have internet for a month so feel free to share, reblog, follow…

Thanks a lot dudes !

One of my classmate , Jon Boutin the Basque made a short film recently ( again ). Check his channel !

Especially “Aporie” , >

Daily spit paint - ” Breach ” 30 min


fossilized knight 

Victorin Ripert

my knight for the monthly tinyteppe.





buy one guys, good conceptart/illustration oriented artbook created in france.


I’ve got a new tattoo again! This time it’s based on something that the very talented Victorin Ripert has gone and made. Have a scroll through his tumblr and make sure to follow him as well. There’s lot of nice things there.

The tattoo itself is, as usual, put on my body by my favorite Alex Widell at Phatboys Tattoo in Norrköping, Sweden.

Nice ! my second drawing used as tatoo flash .

Teasing ( even if i sweared that i’ll never do that )

Hey dear followers,

First of all thanks for the support those past weeks, i began to work on a personal film, all my background should be traditional painting so i really need my daily tumblr inspiration and love .

You can also purchase those two painting ( Gallery 33 ) in the shop here >

They’re both original pieces. and like 50cmx30cm

Take a look to the other pieces too , some amazing art by amazing fellows !

Salut les bandits !

les originaux du show “endgame” pour la gallery 33 sont enfin sur le shop .

research for my 1st year animation short. shhhh…

I’ll buy some new strong paper yep.

Daily spitpaint , 30 mn

"tiny warrior"

A study for this fantastic FB group :

Moonset at the “Pointe du Raz”, Brittany. So many feeling linked to that place.

original picture:

Hi ! Some paper cut animation, directed by camille monnier and myself, this is a part of a song, like many exercises this year, the rest of the class animate other parts.
Check the showreel of Camille, kickass. »

Hey ! Une peu de papier découpé pour un clip fait en groupe ( La java des bombes atomiques de Vian ) fait avec Camille. Allez donc voir son showreel qui déchire »