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Victorin RIPERT, 22 years,1st year in animation school EMCA ( Angouleme, France )
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Born free

by Victorin Ripert

Gouache for tiny tepee ! 


Title for the Flash workshop. 

A little test in After Effect, thnaks to rosssss and his hilarious/ helpful tutorials . 


Victorin Ripert

wear with pride 

Another two days exercise. Charcoal animation, really nice to experiment .
The animation is quite rubbish and the narrative aspect missing but i consider that as a first try, really inspired by daydreams.

Hi tumblr people , 2000 followers today ! so glad and filled with energy for future project.
Meanwhile a very short video, made in two days during flash classes. We had to animate short extract of ” Corinne ” ( Metronomy ) in order to complete a group music video.



Still testing AE

Still testing AE


This tree is inspired by Dragonnier trees, so beautiful and well adapted for desertic conditions.

Nice to get back on traditionnal line, this would deserve color. when i ‘ll stop crying watching alexandre zedig diboine stuff …


Victorin Ripert

tinyteppe’s theme : toys I used to play so many time with this white shark and this diplodocus…